Daily useful Business Apps


There are so many things to do in running a business. Especially a business manager. A marketing manager is even busier.

There are tools that can easily and save time doing this kind of work. These application tools will help you with your daily tasks.

(1) Slack

This app is for companies, It is a very useful app for organizations to communicate with each other. Your Messages Files can be sent individually or in groups.

(2) Newton

This app is a type of app that can analyze mail. It organizes your incoming client emails in one place and distinguishes between read and unread emails.

(3) Pocket

Pocket is an app that lets you save articles you can’t read. Its unique feature is that the app can read aloud automatically without you having to read it yourself.

(4) Grammarly

It is a must-have application because it will complete the grammar written in emails, messages and documents to be sent to your clients and colleagues.

(5) Cisco Spark

If you lead a lot of meetings every day, this app will be quite convenient for you. Information about your meeting will be sent to you every morning.