Use this method if you have a lot of data space on your phone

The longer you use any phone, the more photos, Video It will be filled with many other data including app data.

The most annoying time is when your phone notifies you that your phone is running out of storage. Here are three great ways to prevent this from happening.

1. Always clean.

The phone’s internal storage is mainly used for App Data, Cached Data (System Cache, App Cache), and User Data (Music, Photos, Videos). Unnecessary files Unused apps You can find and delete caches. If you do not want to search for it yourself, use apps.

SD Maid can do these things automatically. ES File Explorer gives you an in-depth look at the Android File System to clear any traces of your uninstalled apps.

User Data (Music, Photos, Videos) can be transferred from your phone to your computer. This data is stored in your phone’s DCIM, Music, Videos folder. Folders like Facebook Messenger also have photos.

2. Use a microSD card.

You can use a card that can store data from your phone even if your phone does not have a MicroSD slot. You can use USB OTG and microSD Card Adapters to store data from your phone to the card. The adapter can be attached to your home key so you can take it with you wherever you go.

3. Use the Cloud

Photos and videos take the place of the phone. Storing them in the cloud will free up a lot of space on your phone. Google Photos lets you store up to 16MP and lower quality photos. You can also save an unlimited amount of Full HD video.

Storing in the cloud will incur data costs and security vulnerabilities. I would suggest using two other methods.