Aung Hla N Seng shares her views on the criticism

Dear Burmese people, I can see and hear what is happening in Burma right now. Thank you for all the messages. I strongly disagree with the military coup in Burma. And I know that everyone is frustrated by the situation.

But if you know all about the place where I was born and raised in my family, I know that my heart is all the same. These situations are what I can do. It’s a lot more than I can handle. I’m a martial artist and not a politician.

The world powers are also involved in finding solutions. But if all else fails, get ideas from others. Thanks for pointing me to this message. All I know is sports. I am an athlete, not a politician.

No matter what the political situation in Burma is, we want the best for Burma. It is very important that we all be united in this uncertain situation. Although I can not do much, I promise all that I will do my best to make our society a more equitable organization.

I was not at all hesitant to express my feelings that my views were the same for all Burmese people. But I beg you to understand that I too have my problems. “I pray for lasting justice in Burma,” he wrote on his social media account.