Khine Thin Kyi prays to the Buddha daily by reciting

Actress Khine Thin Kyi is an actress who has won the love of her fans for many decades. He is respected by all because he stands with the people in times of need. She will be seen joining the people in the ongoing movement from the beginning of February until today.

She also shares information on her social media page on days when she is not on the streets. In addition, we are sending our prayers to the Buddha for the fastest peace in Burma. In addition, it is being distributed equally to the heroes who sacrificed their lives by reciting the Pathan daily.

Recently, a few minutes ago, Khine Thin Kyi posted on her social media page: May all creatures on all sides be safe. Let them be free from sorrow. Let them be free from poverty. May you be healthy and prosperous. Dhamma wants to conquer Dhamma. God, I want the people to be with me as soon as possible

All the good deeds are done today and all the good deeds done today are given equally to the heroes who gave their lives for the country. Take as much as you can. ” Khine Thin Kyi is working day and night for what she can do, so I have to repeat this news to let the fans know.