Apple to launch lip-syncing mousse

The Apple design team created a message for Apple employees.

The mask has a unique shape and covers the nose and chin. Since the outbreak, Apple has been providing healthcare workers with face masks. Mac. iPod. iPhone. iPad. Apple Watch. AirPods. Now Apple Face Mask is here.

The engineering team working on the iPhone and iPad has designed a special face mask for Apple employees. Pictures of the new Mash have not been released, but they do have a unique look. It protects the nose and chin, in particular. The cord is adjusted to increase or decrease. It is a three-layer mat that can be washed up to 5 times.

It is said that the materials used for the production of mats were avoided in order to avoid a shortage of materials used to produce the current personal protective equipment (PPE). The mats will be made exclusively for Apple employees and Apple retailers and will not be cold outside.

In addition to the Apple Mask designed by Apple, transparent mats will also be available for retail staff. It is intended that those who are deaf may be able to read what is being said by watching the lips of a retail employee. The mask is a surgical type of mask that is designed to make the lips move. FDA approved