Abnormalities in the world that are difficult to solve with science

The usual places in our world will never surprise you. Only explorers believe that there are miracles everywhere in the world.

(1) Gravity hills in India

If you park your car under this hill, the car will move slowly up the hill. There is some invisible force on the hill that could pull the car up the mountain.

(2) Dolmens (Roknia, Korea, China, India, Israel, Scandinavia, Russia)

Archaeological finds have been found in many different parts of our planet, such as ancient stone tablets and tablecloths. Archaeologists consider them to be the tombs of ancient monks. There, it reacts strangely to time stops and other objects.

(3) Eternal Flame Falls, USA

The Eternal Flame is a unique natural waterfall. The blaze was caused by tiny holes in the gas. Sometimes the flames go out and it takes time to get back on fire. Some believe that when the fire returns, people will experience their destiny and good fortune.

(4) Czech catacombs in the Czech Republic

In ancient mythology, sounds came from the inside of the Czech catacombs. In 1996, scientists began documenting the site. The tunnel is 30 feet deep, and nothing beats a musical instrument like this. Psychologists examined people who had witnessed the death of a person who had experienced it in order to find out if it was a panic attack. The main sound is said to be a sharp tunnel sound. Later experiments concluded that the engagement was uncertain.