For those who like the smell of peppermint, this is a little knowledge

I want people who like the smell of peppermint to know that it smells of peppermint

The dangers of mercury in the midst of clothing should not be underestimated. Dangers of Pomegranate (very important for children)

Mothballs are called mothballs in English. Moths are simply insects that live in clothes. Their food is made of cloth, Because they are wool, they live in clothes and bite.

To these germs. They are called mothballs because they are used for running. Naphthalene balls are also called naphthalene balls because they are the main ingredient in propolis.

Some mercury contains paradichlorobenzene. Naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene are insecticides or pesticides.

If you do not use them properly because they are pesticides. I wrote this post because it is dangerous to use it unknowingly in the wrong places. The fumes that evaporate from the pods germs.

A systematic method is to use insect repellent or woolen clothing in a sealed bag or airtight plastic container with a straw to collect the fumes and the germs.

Then wash your clothes or put them back in the sun to put them back on. Some may even feel that the clothes smelled of peppermint.

In fact, the smell of mercury means that there are still toxic gases from the pepper. Especially baby clothes should be washed and put on.

Some people use propolis in other places as well. Make the mouse run. Prevent the virus from coming. To prevent other animals from becoming extinct; To prevent squirrels from biting the plant.

In fact, propolis should not be used for these purposes. It is intended to insects but is more harmful to humans and pets.

If you leave the powder in the open air, it may be harmful to your health if you inhale the gas (actually toxic gas) for a long time. Some even breathe because they like the smell of peppermint.

After a while, I get a headache. Nausea and vomiting Diarrhea It can cause eye and nose irritation and damage to the liver and kidneys.

Para dichlorobenzene is also a carcinogenic compound. Most importantly, propolis is completely safe for people with congenital G 6 P D enzymes.

About 9 out of 100 people in Myanmar are deficient in G6PD. Many infants have jaundice due to a deficiency of the G6PD enzyme.

In particular, propolis breaks down the red blood cells of children with G6PD deficiency, leading to a rapid increase in jaundice in the blood and brain damage. It causes death.

G6PD deficiency is found in many infants who receive blood transfusions to prevent brain damage due to jaundice. Some not only stored diapers with peppercorns but also sprinkled them with peppermint powder and heated them.

When the baby is wrapped in these diapers, the baby’s red blood cells rupture, and jaundice rise so fast that the brain is often damaged by the time he arrives at the hospital.

Cockroaches When left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. Some pets can also eat it.

Because it contains a pesticide, it can be life-threatening for children, especially children with G6PD deficiency, even if they take a pill.

A child who ate five pills at the hospital despite being treated for his illness. Therefore, if you are going to use propolis, you need to know these points and use them properly.

It is important to keep the powder out of the reach of children and to ensure that infants with G6PD deficiency are more likely to be exposed to diapers. Clothing Not just blankets but baby cuddles

Do not store adult clothing in bulk. If you use it, make sure you repay it. I would like to tell you not to use it as ‌perfume because it is not a perfume that should be inhaled.