The scariest places that attract tourists

Here are some of the craziest and scariest places to visit in the world. These are the must-visit places for those who love thrill and excitement, so let’s take a look at where they want to go the most.

(1) A 500-foot-high bridge

In China, people like strange bridges. You may have heard of such bridges. The glass bridge, which can be seen from below, attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world every year. But we have found a better and more frightening bridge. People are protected by life jackets to cross the bridge. At 200 meters, it is a bridge that prepares for an exciting walk, and is sometimes created with the distance to jump. The floor slabs on the bridge are spaced 50 cm to 120 cm apart.

In the video, even seemingly confident tourists can be distracted and give up, which can seem very easy. If you take one wrong step, you will fall and float in the air. The safety straps will not go down, but it will be a scary experience. Some are afraid to cross the bridge, so they try to cross it with help. Sometimes shoes fall off. Bridge insurance does not cover the purchase of new shoes, so if you are thinking of going there, it is advisable to bring a pair of spare shoes.

(2) Sliding train on the roof of the hotel

If you come to Las Vegas, you can freely gamble in the big casinos to enjoy the thrill of the hangover hangouts of Hangover Hangover. If you do not like this style and want something more scary, you should try this game called Xscream. This is one of the most exciting games in the world.

The Xscream, on the roof of the Strauss Hotel, is based on a children’s roller coaster. The hotel has a 264-meter-high open space overlooking the city of Las Vegas from above. The open-top train can accommodate up to eight people, which can be quite a nightmare when it suddenly slides down the tracks. This slide is stopped at a certain time and then moved up and down. Sliding down will give you the best feeling. Just go up to the sky and go down into the ravine many times, so be prepared to calm down.

(3) Volcano skating

Everyone knows about regular surfing. But what about slipping in a volcano? Here is the answer to this question. Those who love this tough sport will slide down from the top of this volcano. Called Nicaragua, the ridge is 729 meters high. The 150-year-old volcano has erupted 23 times, the last time it was nearly 20 years.

You can feel the heat of the volcano beneath the coal layer of the volcano, and sometimes the gravel is too hot to handle. These skiers use their metal and wood boards to tie their ropes to the ropes. The slope of this volcano is about 45 degrees, so it can reach speeds of up to 86 km / h. Boarders can travel at high speeds downhill, causing burns to the ground and rocks.

(4) Start a thriller roller coaster

Furius Baco Rollercoaster, a Spanish attraction, is unique in its unique style. This roller coaster was one of the fastest roller coaster in Europe in 2009. This amazing toy will surely appeal to fans who want to feel the extreme. At 850 meters, riders have to cross the tunnel at high speed.

In addition, the walls were cut upside down and the pools were cut up. The builders of this roller coaster have undergone a few tweaks and added different features that make it feel like people are flying in the air. How many travelers have been shocked by the 12-year-old Furius Baco roller coaster?It is unthinkable.

(5) High speed cable riding

Flying over a deep ravine can be a daunting task. This thriller can be tried in Wales. The instructors of this flying game will make sure to fasten your seat belts before playing and tell you what to hold first.

There is no need to worry about injuries as it has a helmet with a specially designed flight suit. It is necessary to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes as it can fly at 161 km / h. The whole flight from this mountain takes less than a minute, so you don’t even have time to see the scenery.

(6) Starting a roller coaster on a rope

This is a game that combines wheelchair and roller coaster. It was only after the game was created in the jungle that it became popular with tourists. As you gain momentum in this game, you will experience many heartbreaking moments. The route is carefully calculated so you can move around as much as you want and no one has ever been hurt.

It will give you a strong headband as it will not hurt your head. In the meantime, the ups and downs are terribly fast, and your heart beats with excitement.

7. Start a skid in the air

The height of this skyscraper is about 30 meters above the ground. The game is designed with the help of special machines and releases people after dragging them to the north. Experience the experience of jumping off the cliffs of golf in a completely unexpected way. Even with this free jump, it is hung with very strong steel cables for safety. With this suspension cable, the speed transferred from the top of the cliff is 80 km per hour.


(8) Trip to Huashan Mountain

If you are just looking for something exciting, this intense sport, the Mountaineering Tour in China, is the perfect finish for you. Brave people from all over the world come here to prove their bravery, and some to dispel their fear of heights. If you can walk this mountain path, you will be able to get rid of your fear of heights for the rest of your life. These roads are very difficult to climb because they are built on steep cliffs. There are no handrails or handrails built here, and no rocks or stones. Wooden board There was nothing to deal with except the spikes, the ropes, and the stony stones.

Every visitor has to wear safety gear. And this very dangerous mountain road is visited by a lot of tourists every year. So you can assume that everything here is safe. In addition, the ropes and hoops seen in these photos and videos have recently been installed along the slopes. In the past, we had to climb Mount Huashan empty-handed, and it was a very dangerous and exciting trip.