A luxury home based on NASA’s space station design

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Everyone has crazy ideas about the house they live in. Everyone wants to live in a nice house, if possible. But when that doesn’t happen, it’s still a way to get more involved with the expat community here. Now I want to tell you about a very cool house in Australia. According to Awol.junksee.com, the house is modeled on NASA’s space station.

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The house is in Australia. It is located in Brisbane and is owned by a man named Graham Birchall. Suddenly, the house looks like a bubble. In fact, Graham approached NASA for help building such a house. It was modeled after NASA’s space station model.

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“I have been dreaming for a long time,” he said. I once dreamed of building a NASA space station here. He also reached out to NASA for help. They are really looking for help. Two days after my contact, I sent an email with a drawing of the space station, ”Graham said.

The house has 11 tortoise-shaped roofs and a 1,050 sqm floor on each of the three floors. It has more than 20 rooms and 3 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms 4 car parking spaces; Library Apartment Swimming pool Press conference room A large gym; A small golf course; It has a chapel and a basement for storing wine bottles.