Huawei completes construction of first chipset plant

Huawei has set a milestone in China as it accelerates its reliance on chipset-making in other countries. According to China Money Network, Huawei’s first domestic chip maker has been officially completed. The Huawei Optical Factory Project (Phase II) is located in Wuhan Optics Valley Center. The total construction area is 208,900 square meters.

FAB Production Plant for semiconductor production; CUB Power Station; PMD Software Factory and other facilities are also included. It is also Huawei’s largest research and development base in central China.

It will also be one of Huawei’s first chip makers in China after the project. In this way, you can design your own chip, All packaging testing can be done from start to finish. Huawei is also planning to build another chipset plant in Shanghai in addition to the Wuhan plant.

The Shanghai chip plant will be directly managed by a Shanghai-based research and development company on behalf of Huawei. The plant will not use any technology from the United States. According to the plan, the plant will start producing 45nm chipsets by the end of 2021 and will use 28nm lithography technology.

By 2022, it will try to produce chips exclusively for telecommunications products with advanced production below 20nm. For one thing, it can take more than two years from factory completion to assembly.

Huawei is currently working with Shanghai Microelectronics to research one of the key components in the chip manufacturing process.