Alibaba-backed AutoX launches driverless taxi

Alibaba-backed AutoX launches driverless taxi

AutoX, a Chinese-based auto startup company, says it has begun testing driverless vehicles. The AutoX startup, sponsored by Alibaba Group, is beginning to test Pacifica minivans and fully unmanned vehicles from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV (FCA) in China.

AutoX launched a driverless passenger test on California public roads last July. Alphabet Inc.-owned Waymo Driver Company conducted the first unmanned passenger test on California public roads, and AutoX was the second company to test it.

Rivals WeRide and Baidu, which are testing driverless cars in China, have set up a remote control center to control the test vehicles as needed. AutoX says it does not use Remote Center. The company is developing Level 4 unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Level-4 driverless car will be able to drive automatically in most possible situations without the need for human intervention. AutoX vehicles are equipped with their own vehicle control unit technology, XCU. The XCU control unit is said to be faster in computing and more complex in controlling complex routes.

The company’s chief executive, Shao Ying-zao, said he was in talks with investors to fund the expansion of more driverless vehicles and more development projects. AutoX is also supported by Alibaba, Dongfeng Motor Group and SAIC Mort Corp. It currently has raised more than $ 160 million from five fundraising programs.