Wearables products reach 125 million in the third quarter

Wearables products reach 125 million in the third quarter

According to IDC ‌‌ market research data, wearable exports in the third quarter of 2020 totaled 125 million. Apple has the largest market share in the wearable market with 33%, followed by Xiaomi, Apple and Apple Corps. Huawei and Samsung are standing firm.

Fitbit and Boat are the fifth largest smartphone weavers with 3.3 million shipments. The market share is 2.6% of the total market. Most of the major wearable manufacturers have seen year-on-year sales increase.

Many countries eased Kovis regulations in the third quarter and the reopening of businesses strengthened demand for the wearable market, said Gitech Ubrani, research manager at IDC Mobile Device Trackers.

Apple sold 41.4 million wearable products in the third quarter, a year-on-year increase of 38.6%. Xiaomi sold 17 million products and gained 13.6% market share. Of the 17 million smart wearables sold by Xiaomi in the third quarter, 12.8 million were wristbands.

Wearable ‌ predicts that the wearable ‌ market will become more in demand as wearable products become more popular and more people use these products for the first time.