Samsung is set to partner with leading electric car maker

According to Asia-E Korea, Tesla and Samsung have teamed up to produce 5nm chips for driverless cars. Earlier, it was reported that Tesla would partner with Taiwanese semiconductor company TSMC to use TSMC’s 7nm chips for next-generation driverless chips. Samsung is also expanding its semiconductor business for Automobiles, as the COVID-19 disaster is currently causing more chipset outages in the market.

Samsung is currently in the research and development phase for the 5nm chip, which will be installed in Tesla driverless cars. At present, only a handful of companies, such as Samsung and TSMC, can produce chips using the 5nm Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) process. Samsung is also a partner in Tesla’s current production of driverless chips for hardware 3.0 computers. These chips are made using old 14nm technology.

Samsung has also restructured and expanded its capabilities for ADAS, an advanced driver assistance system focused on driverless car technology. ADAS technology will allow driverless cars to communicate more securely with each other, and will also be more useful in controlling sensor data. Samsung could pose a threat to TSMC if it joins forces with Tesla to produce next-generation driverless car chips.