Here are seven things to look for when selecting yours

As technology advances day by day, humans are becoming more and more obsessed with luxuries and luxuries. I was surrounded by accessories. Headphones and headphones are also the most common technology used by young people today without knowing the consequences. People who listen to music with headphones on can get on the train. On the bus On the road, It can be found everywhere, and it can be used to relax and unwind. I don’t want to hear outside sounds. To relieve stress; I like to listen to music on the go with headphones for a variety of reasons.

Stay at home and listen. Have you ever listened to it in bed, but have you noticed for your health? Sometimes it is not obvious, but it is important to be aware that wearing a headset all the time can have serious health consequences over time.

(1) Hearing loss/hearing loss problems

When you use headphones, the sound comes directly into your ear. A sound level in excess of 90 decibels can cause hearing loss and even hearing loss. People who wear headphones are more likely to have hearing loss. Just listen for 15 minutes at a sound level of more than 100 decibels and you will be concerned about this risk. So if you have this kind of habit, be careful not to listen too loudly, resting your ears a little.

(2) Ear infection

Are you a regular user of your headphones? Or borrow from someone else? Friends, Sometimes it is borrowed from families. However, it can be easy to get an ear infection at the same time. Bacteria in the ear can easily infect each other through earplugs. So if you have to rent it to someone else, use a disinfectant. Or not renting at all. Be careful not to rent.
(3) Closure of airways

Manufacturers will advertise the sound system as good. However, from a health point of view, no matter how good the sound is, it can be more or less harmful depending on what you are using. Ear infections can be caused by a lack of ventilation, but ear infections are more likely to occur.

(4) Temporary loss of hearing

People who use headphones at high volume throughout the day often lose their hearing. After this, the numb ears return to normal after a while. However, this condition can be dangerous and can even lead to deafness.

(5) Earache

People who use headphones often hear about earaches. You may feel a tingling sound in your ear or sharp pain in the groin.

6. Adverse effects on the brain

Headphones Electromagnetic waves emitted from headphones can pose a serious risk to the brain. However, there is not enough medical evidence to prove this. People who use headphones on a daily basis are more likely to suffer from brain diseases.

(7) Life-threatening accidents

Recently, there have been more and more accidents on the pedestrian battalion. People who can hear car horns and train noises can be victims of the tragedy. Sometimes it is possible to endanger the lives of others while trying to save the life of the wearer.
How do you think you can keep using your headphones without damaging your ears?

Once you know the health risks of using headphones, you will be concerned. But do not give up. There are other ways to use headphones and earbuds without damaging your ears. Do not use small earbuds. Use larger headphones that can be worn outside the ear. Do not share your headphones or headphones with others. Do not rent Replace the earbuds once a month. If the earbuds do not contain earplugs, disinfect them with detergent. Train Do not wear headphones when traveling on the express train or while walking. Do not wear loud headphones when wearing headphones/headphones.