Internet Journal Introduces IJ Marketplace

A directory-style website where you can customize your business services in real-time has been launched by Internet Journal.

At present, Businesses; Media and health; Various socio-economic sectors, such as education, are rapidly moving towards digitalization. In this digital revolution, information technology (ICT) is inevitable. Business owners; ICT for various organizations and parents; Mobile There is a need for an easy-to-find group of educational products and services. Mobile and education; A guide that includes products and services is available to partner organizations; New IJ Marketplace platform in collaboration with ICT companies ( Was introduced. What services are being provided by businesses? It also makes it easy to find products from one place and efficiently send accurate and real information to the user in a short time.

“The IJ Marketplace service is a directory-based service introduced by the Internet Journal, which provides software companies, web hosting companies, training schools, computer and mobile phone shops, local universities, mobile phone, and computer service centers, as well as other information and services such as information and services. It is a service, ”said Thaung Su Nyein, CEO of Information Matrix Co., Ltd.

The IJ Marketplace is divided into three sections: Free service, Premium service, and Branded service.
“Businesses in the IJ Marketplace will be able to publish their business content and information in the form of a personal website, and through the additional services provided by the IJ Marketplace, you will be able to send real-time information about your business to CEOs, CIOs, HR Managers, Sales, and Marketing Managers and Decision Makers in their respective fields. We will be able to do the data entry quickly and easily, without having to wait when we want to make changes, ”Thaung Su Nyein added.

For more information about the new services, please call 09-4430 32928 and 09-420105300.


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