Mistakes that everyone makes when it comes to charging a phone

I don’t think there are many people who do not use their phones every day these days. When you use your phone every day, you charge it more than once a day.

Here are some common mistakes that almost everyone makes when it comes to charging your phone.
Always unplug the phone charger so that it can react with the humidity in the room and cause a fire. Always unplug the phone charger.

Charging your phone to 100 will make it easier to drain it, so turn it off at 98 when charging. Use your phone until it runs out of power. Charging your phone below 10 will easily damage your phone’s battery.

Recharging your phone below 20 will extend your phone’s battery life. Charging your phone overnight is like running out of battery power. Never charge your phone while it is charging, as this can cause the battery to explode.

Charging your phone when it is above 20 can also damage it quickly. It is best to charge the phone under 20. It is not a good idea to charge with ordinary chargers instead of the original chargers.

Charging the day you put the phone cover on can cause the phone to overheat, so remove the cover and charge it while charging. Do not do this because charging your phone through a computer can be confusing.