Netflix raises usage charges

In the days of Kovis, people often stayed at home and watched a lot of TV movies.

So, streaming services are on the rise. Now, Netflix will be offering an increase in the monthly subscription fee from OZ to Netflix, which will be charged $ 1 more for the Basic Plan, up from $ 9.99 (13,000) MMK to $ 10.99 (14500 Kyats ), and $ 299 for the Standard Plan $ 13.99 (18500) MMK to $ 15.99 (21,000 Kyats). Increased to

The premium is $ 19.99 (26,400) kyats without any price increase. Netflix has raised fees for two streaming plans at Oz to increase its investment in local movies and series for Oz, which will not be charged this month for Netflix’s monthly usage increase but will be charged next month.

Also, Basic Plan users will be able to watch unlimited movies on one device, while Standard Plan users will be able to watch unlimited movies on two devices. According to a Netflix spokesperson, Oz has a lot of options and now Netflix will do more than people expect. “People may say that the price has gone up now, but in reality, we have not been able to make good quality films with the money we are collecting because we want to invest more in films.

Disney + costs US $ 8.99 (11,800) per month and US $ 89.99 (118,500) per year. Amazon Prime costs US $ 6.99 (9,200) per month and US $ 59 (77,600) per year. Apple TV + US $ 7.99 per month. It will cost 10500 Kyats.