Passwords that should not be used by many people

A new survey shows that millions of people are using 123456 as their password.

The survey was conducted by the National Center for Cyber ​​Security (NCSC) in the United Kingdom.

The accounts of most users with such passwords have also been hacked. The survey also shows that people have a low level of cyber awareness.

People at NCSC are easy to remember and can read and write. Numbers You should use at least 3 passwords with symbols.

Only then will they become strong passwords that hackers can not crack. The NCSC looked at the passwords used in the hacked accounts. 123456 is used by 23 million accounts.

The second most used is 123456789. The top five most used are “qwerty”, “password” and 111111. Ashley, Michael, Daniel, Jessica and Charlie are the most commonly used passwords.

The names of Premier League football teams are also used as passwords. The most used team is Liverpool, followed by Chelsea. Using these popular words as passwords is very weak in terms of security.