Mysterious topics that are still unresolved still now

Moeraki boulders

The Moeraki rocks in New Zealand are unique in their size and shape. There are a total of about 50 non-man-made boulders, and it is not clear why they formed.

The big statue

A geologist, Robert Schoch, discovered a strange statue in Sphinx, Egypt. This is because the head of the statue you see now was originally a lion’s head. Later, on the orders of Pharaoh, the lion’s head was cut off and replaced with a strange smile. However, from a scientific point of view, this concept cannot be fully supported.

The unfinished pyramid

Another pyramid in Egypt, the Zawiyet el-Aryan Pyramid, was a restricted area for tourists for a decade. The base of the pyramid is up to 75 meters deep and the entire base is made of limestone. What surprised the scientists was how the ancient Egyptians smoothed the surface without modern technology.

Strange sounds from Taos

Residents of Taos, New Mexico, have been hearing strange noises for years. It sounds like a big vehicle moving on the road. But there are no roads around the city.

Lights on the Pacific Ocean

Christiaan van Heijst was the first person to witness this extraordinary event. He noticed the glare while flying from Hong Kong to Alaska on a Boeing 747-8. Christian said the lights appeared after a flash of lightning from a distant place. To date, this unique phenomenon has not been fully addressed. Some scientists have suggested that light from the eruption of volcanoes at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean could return to the light.

Genghis Khan Tomb

Centuries ago, people wanted to know where the real tomb of Emperor Genghis Khan was. Many searches were carried out in Mongolia and China to find the real tomb of Genghis Khan, but to this day no one has been found.