About mammoths and how to create mammoths

The ancient Egyptians believed that when a person, his body was not destroyed. It is believed that only if the sheep do not rot, the soul of the dead will return to the rest of its body at a later date.

According to this belief, they sought various ways to preserve the corpse for a long time. Fat၊ The corpses were embalmed, and a long piece of cloth was tied around the head and ankles. This kind of immortal body is called a corpse.

Especially when the royal family and the wealthy , they had to pay a lot of money for medicines and medicines. The corpse is arranged with various feathers. Then there is the large burial place, along with valuables. In the case of the poor, the body is soaked in saltwater, dried, and wrapped in ordinary cloth.

The practice of cremation spread from Egypt to the south, to Africa, and to the Middle East. India It reached as far as Austria and the Arab world. In the West, the practice spread to Peru and Mexico. But no one matched the Egyptian way of making corpses.

The most famous relics of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, Ramses II and Tutankhamon, are the most famous relics. The Egyptians practiced the practice of cremation from about 4500 BCE until the seventh century CE The corpses of children are rarely decomposed in this way.

Jews and Greeks used to do the same. In later times, not only human corpses but also dogs, cats, chickens, Birds Lion Crocodile The Egyptians managed to preserve the carcasses of their own animals, including fish and insects.

Of the many methods used by the ancient Egyptians to make mummies, only a few are now known. Roughly speaking, the mammoth body first removes the brain and intestines from the corpse. Then there are the fragrant, fragrant, fragrant, fragrant, fragrant, fragrant, fragrant, fragrant. In liquids prepared with medicinal substances that can preserve the corpse, such as sap from trees. Sometimes soaked in honey for 70 days.

The body is then dried. Other medicines are injected into the body as needed to keep it as swollen as possible. Sometimes even artificial eyes are fitted. The body is then carefully wrapped in linen cloth and buried in a beautifully carved head.

Thousands of exhumed corpses have been unearthed in Egypt, some of which are on display in museums in London and Cairo. To find out more about the Egyptians, visit the link below.