Google Workspace Birth Cleansing

Google offers the free G Suite for those who use Gmail for $ 8 a month. G Suite is now rebranded as Google Workspace.


Google Workspace is made up of major products such as Gmail, Drive, Docs, and Meet. Google Meet is a re-launch of the new video conferencing tool. There are currently 6 million paid monthly subscribers.


G Suite was launched in 2016 and was a success. As part of the Google Workspace, we will ensure that the services provided are purchased for real use. We will continue to use Google Workspace as we inevitably use Google.


It will also integrate Gmail, Drive, Docs, and Meet. Under the Google Docs heading, there will be Docs, Sheets, and Slides, all of which are similar to Microsoft Office.


The prices are the same as before. Only the terminology has changed. The cheapest is the Business Starter, which costs $ 6 a month.

For those who need more storage and need to have video conferencing with more people, you should get a Business Standard plan, which costs $ 12 per person per month.


The new addition is a Business Plus plan that costs $ 18 per month per participant. Additional security measures have been added. It lets you hide photos and videos from your phone and integrate with mobile apps like Vault with Cloud Backup. It is also designed to work with mobile devices.