A letter that every married person should read

Children who do not live in the shadow of their parents and children who do not work

That said, parents and children may think they are blood relatives.
I want to tell you to finish reading the letter

According to my experience

An elderly foreign woman with a lively young foreign couple was sitting together at a restaurant in the airport next to me for a day.

The older woman was the young boy’s mother, and it was as if she had brought his girlfriend with her on a one-way flight.

Do not tell your son or daughter, “This girl is crazy,” except when she is sitting on the phone talking to her friends.
It does not seem strange

He did not pay attention to his son’s girlfriend .. (In Burma, the mother-in-law does not even want to see her son’s boyfriend: 3)

They ate what they wanted, sat in a circle, and talked one by one.

They asked for two check bills. The boy: First, he asked the mother to remove the check and it was clear that they were sharing.

I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t know what to do with it. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t know what to do with it.

The old woman said, “Make one check for me, I have this, this,” etc. She showed him what he ate/drank and asked for another check for him.

And all three are calm… The woman is busy with her cell phone

Then the boarding gate was opened. “Mom, let’s go,” he warned, and they got up and boarded the plane.

I have a lot to think about. There are not many parents and children like this.

Now that the boy is old enough to have a girlfriend, he can stand on his own two feet and use his card to pay for his girlfriend.

The boy may not even have thought of asking her for food at home / for money to feed this girl. My mother and boyfriend were on a fun trip together. In a circle

If their mother did not pay for it, they would not have been able to eat together. His mother was not giving him a plane ticket/visa fee.

I mean, I even know how to have a boyfriend. I’m used to touching other people’s children and things in bed. Shame on you for not making money…

One good thing for parents in the West
Children are taught to be self-disciplined rather than full-time parents. There is also formality.

At the age of 18, children have the right to work.

Parental support until adulthood. If not, the child can sue. You can also report child abuse to your parents if you are disciplined more than you need to. (Born in Burma, it is a very happy child)

They rarely blame their children for leaving their girlfriends / getting pregnant / going to school. They are taught to take responsibility as adults when they are young.

If you cry, let her cry. If you know that every cry is not smooth, the baby will not be able to cry. From the age of 6 months, there are too many rooms.

They support as much as they can. At the age of 18, they are allowed to decide what they want to do/want to be.

In Western parents:

You have no responsibility for your life because you are my child. They have children with that in mind. It’s a house for children .. Come and see if you can

If you can afford it, feed it if you can afford it.

Oriental style In Asia, especially in Burma, parenting is completely different

Parents must be afraid. I can’t say it again. Thank you very much. What your parents say and do is right

The obligation to be a Burmese parent does not end there. At the age of one, I started by saying, “My son/daughter can be released.” Graduate Married You have to take care of your grandchildren and you have to take care of them

Parental responsibilities only end when the head is old
In other words, once you have a child, you need to teach them ‘Self-Responsibility’ rather than providing them with a lot of money.

If he can stand where he wants to be, that’s fine. It’s up to the parents to decide which wife to marry. Whichever man you marry, let her choose to be with her children

When you can stand on your own two feet and have your own family again, parents and children belong to each other, but they no longer belong to you.20-year-olds and 30-year-olds are still clinging to their parents until they have children.

Your next generation will be the same. Born a generation with less self-responsibility and always relying on parents.

After getting married, I started to take on the responsibilities of a parent.

Parents who were once distracted by such things as dreams/goals/hobbies/fashion/pleasure, etc. are also young people.

Young people who will become parents in the future should be able to stand on their own two feet with self-reliance and hard work.