Tips on Reset, Refresh, Restore on Computer

Repairing Windows crashes If Bootrec is no longer able to be rebuilt or fixed, you may need to reset, refresh, and restore your device.

Some machines do not reset at all. What is the difference between Reset, Refresh, Restore? Reset will start Windows. Apps and programs downloaded and installed from the Microsoft Store will crash.

Settings will be the same as Windows defaults. User data on partitions is not lost. But the whole C: \ part of Windows OS will be like new again.
Therefore, if you have data under C: \, you need to enter Cmd from Repair Mode and make a backup. I will write about how to copy the backup from the command prompt later.

Refresh is like reinstalling Windows. It can also be said that updating directly from a lower version of Windows to a higher version directly refreshes the day.

However, like Windows Update directly, apps and settings are not as secure as they used to be in older Windows. New Apps, Settings
It will happen.

Data on partitions is not lost. When resetting and refreshing, choose an option to save apps, settings, and personal files. Remove everything?
You will be asked You can choose one you like.

Restore can be recovered if you created a recovery image while Windows was running before a computer crash. Recovery Image instructions have already been posted. He is
If you have created a recovery image before the computer crashes, you can still recover it.

For example. If Recovery was last updated yesterday, the machine crashed today.

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If you restore it with Recovery Image, you will get it back until yesterday. Installations and settings modified between yesterday and before the crash will fail.

How to Reset, Refresh? Boot to Windows disc Click Install without installing, go to the Troubleshoot and do a Reset, Refresh option. If you want to restore
You can do this under Troubleshoot \ Advanced Options. If you want to reset and refresh your computer while you are using it, you can do so by going to All Settings \ Update & Security \ Recovery.