Happy birthday to general aung san

Poetry for the birthday of Gen Z Thames Latt, the general of the Purple generation. The general must be in pain. I want to explain to those who shot the people with guns to save the country that these thirteen bullets were fired to save the country. The history of the general who failed to study history.

General Ye laughed, laughing. In the days when we had to rely on the army to break free from the British, we had to ask the British to help us get rid of the army. For the next generation, when we see the message that we are used to it, our hearts ache as we laugh.

How can you tell someone who has trampled so many lives on for a single life that life is not easy to build? General, you have to wipe away the tears when the flowers should not fall. General. The end of the Korean movie that we have been waiting for every week is singing blood instead of the songs we used to listen to, General

If you ask me if I’m afraid, I’m scared. I’m scared more because I know I will be scared now for the rest of my life. The people are on the side of the general. The people are on the side of the daughter of the general. The people are on the side of the people.