Attitude of self-reliant girls

Girls are naturally weak. They may be depressed, but they are not dependent. These are the girls who are self-sufficient and poor, whether they are poor or not.

(1) He is compassionate

These girls are very compassionate. When it comes to shopping, don’t go for less than your full potential. They buy expensive food only after weighing it. People who eat. They are very compassionate when there is food leftover. Even if you lose something, you can still be very compassionate.

(2) I know how to save

These girls are very frugal. I never shop without bargaining. I always think of ways to save money. People who know how to save money.

(3) I do not like sewing

These girls are very good at sewing. Giving orders I do not like bullying at all. If you are wrong, do not hesitate to kneel and apologize. If you are right, you are brave enough to face it to the end.

(4) I try

These girls are eager to try. It may seem like nothing in the eyes of others, but big dreams, big dreams, big dreams. They have goals and really work hard.

(5) I do not want to suffer

These girls are not jealous, but they are reluctant. People who never want to be inferior to their peers. That is why they are always diligent and hardworking.