SE Basics You Should Know

Basic Software Engineering Basics You Should Know

Here are some basic things to look for when selecting yours.

People who are trying to enter the IT world from now on. Examine how much experience you have had as a young software engineer.

Security System Introduction

Did you leave your computer unattended?

The Internet is an unsafe place to use it, so be sure to install a security tool.

The following are the main security tools: Please refer to

1. Nonton Internet Security

2. Virus Buster

3. McAfee

More effective tools

It is common for engineers to make their computers easier to use.

Even free software is often more useful.

The following software is the software that our employees use properly.

1. Text Editor uses


that have more funrctions than Notepad (such as Hedemaru, Sakura Editor, and TeraPad) .

2. Their development features are very useful when writing coding using the development environment (coding) (Eclipse, VisualStudio, etc).

3. Development Environment (Design)

Using tools called astah and Amateras UML can be more useful in sketching.

Drawing Development Environment Design with Word or Excel is difficult and fast.

In addition, there are many systems that can greatly benefit the development environment.

These systems often vary in ease of use and difficulty depending on the individual.

We strongly recommend that you choose the system that suits you.