These things can happen when flies land on food

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There are a number of side effects that can occur when you eat flies.

Get rid of clutter

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Flies are very dangerous when they are resting on a single animal. Because the flies are tube-shaped, they can rest on any food or liquid. When they rest on food, they spit on it. It was abandoned.

Carries 60 types of diseases
Flies can carry more than 60 types of diseases and can cause diarrhea, typhoid fever, diarrhea and cholera.

Make your food a bacterial nest

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Flies ‘hands and wings can turn your food into a bacterial nest. Flies’ bodies are full of germs, and they have a lot of germs inside and outside their bodies. This means that anything that comes in contact with flies is dangerous.


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Flies lay their eggs with their ears on the food. When a fly rests on its food, it poisons itself with bacteria. The flies also lay their eggs with their ears.