20 years after King Thibaw came to Rangoon

The situation in Rangoon after 1900, when King Thibaw of Burma joined in 1885, is as follows.

At that time, to know the exact time on Yangon Beach Road, once every 12 hours. Two cannons are fired at 9 o’clock at night.

Grass hats on the roads; The big Chinese braided people in straw shoes are pulling apart.

Most of the chariots were driven by Indians. Wealthy people travel in their own open-roof docks and buggy.

At that time, Rangoon residents used to take the ‘bean train’ to Shwedagon. It is called ‘bean train’ because you have to pay only 1 train fare. Yangon Zoo is in the hospital today. You have to pay two entrance fees.

Elephants can be seen at the dental college today and watched for free. Bicycles can be rented at Victoria (now Mahabandula) Park. Hot air balloon races are held at Kandawmin Park at the foot of Shwedagon Pagoda.

At that time, the road between Yangon and Gyi Myint Daing was a big forest and you could only get there by cart. Petroleum-lit lanterns have been erected along Rangoon’s streets, lit by Indian workers at night. Then in the morning the lamps are stored. Almost all roads are very dusty and waterlogged.

At that time, the busiest place in Yangon was the Yangon Beach Market. Multi-functional Many people. To get there, they avoid the forcible crossroads as much as possible. The Forcible Crossroads is now known as 24th Street.

Fraudster Thieves are rampant. Around 30th Street, prostitutes rioted. She wears the same dress as the generals. Kalasari dresses; Japanese kimonos are often worn in a variety of colors. At that time it was called ‘Kweet’. In the early colonial era, Yangon was a city full of evil.

During the colonial era, the Rangoon police were weak and ruled by foolish groups. They are making disciples and growing in power. The most famous at that time were the Indian idiot Massash Khan and Mamusar.

His territory is divided. In modern terms, they are called gangsters. When these gangs fight, the Rangoon police force is often overwhelmed.

Until 1911, there was no solid cinema in Rangoon. Only large tents. There is no electricity yet.

It is powered by an engine. The machine is placed next to a tent, and the sound of the machine can be noisy when a movie is shown. Although it is a movie, it only shows foreign short stories.

These are just some of the scenes that Yangon once had. If you have read or memorized this article, please share it with others