The meaning of the proverb “Do not plant a house fool”

I have heard this proverb since I was a child. But is it stupid to get married and plant a can? Must be planted by smart people? I read the article by Sayar Gyi Sayar Gyi (Sagaing U Pho Thin) and I know the truth. The bud is grown in the yard during the rainy season. In winter, it is pruned.

Where the wind blows in the rain, the south wind blows. Southwesterly winds. The bulb inhales nitrogen during the day and releases oxygen. At night, it inhales oxygen and emits carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is toxic.

Therefore, if you plant a canopy on the south side of the house, the air coming from the canopy at night will be toxic. In the long run, it can lead to various health problems. For this reason, if you grow a canopy in your home, you should not plant a canopy on the south side of the house.