Why in India boys hang out with each other

Photographer Vincent Dolman captures and captures an unusual sight on the road during a visit to India.
A celebrity and fashion photographer from London, she was passionate about capturing the traditions of other countries. In India, he found men holding hands strangely.

“At first I was fascinated when I saw boys walking hand in hand,” said the 43-year-old photographer, who has worked with some of the world’s most popular singers, Eminem and Rihanna. “It was beautiful in my eyes to see two fathers holding hands and pointing to pictures of them selling.”For someone who has never seen a man walking hand in hand in London, everything in India is interesting.

When asked why they were holding hands, they laughed and replied, “We are friends.”In the West, men are considered homosexual in this way, and in fact, it is very uncomfortable to see a man holding his hand. In India, it is their culture and their character.They are not just boys. Girls walk hand in hand when their friends fall in love. This is not so strange in Myanmar. Dolman shared some amazing experiences during his trip to India with pictures.