Extraordinary schools

As the saying goes, schools are the best place for young people to develop. There are many different schools in the world, and some of them are completely different. So today I’m going to list some of the weirdest schools in the world.

A school floating on the water

This school shows that if there is a problem, there must be a solution. One-third of Bangladesh suffers from floods almost every year. Hospitals Homes and schools are flooded and students have difficulty learning. To address this, Mohammed Rezwan sought to build a floating school. So in 1998, with his savings, Mohammad set up his own NGO to build floating schools. There are now about 50 floating schools, with Wi-Fi internet access and a library and clinics. In this way, Muhammad was able to provide the necessary educational assistance to around 500,000 people.

School in the cave

Guizhou is one of the poorest areas in China. The town of Raungdaung in the area is far from the city and lives in caves. The caves are about an hour’s walk away. There are about 20 families living there and they plan to build schools for their children. After the schools were built in the caves, children from other nearby towns came to attend. However, the Chinese government closed the school in 2011. This is because the Chinese are not a community to live in caves. As a result, children have to walk for hours to get to school. I think this is a bit unfair.

The most independent school

This school is a solution for children who are bored of studying. As he said, there will be full independence, no curriculum and no exams. In addition, the school can be destroyed at any time. Students can set their own classes and study the language of their choice. There are no restrictions. Therefore, those in power in the classroom are the students and the teachers are in charge. Are there any in the audience who want to study at this school?

Gulu School

Gu Lu is a small village in China, and you have to cross small bridges and cliffs to get there. So the Gulu school is located in the middle of the forest and there is only one teacher in charge of the school. The man was Jang Ku-joon, who came to Gulu at the age of 18. He once mobilized villagers to build a school since a student fell from a mountain while going to the toilet. As a result, students do not have to travel to the city to study well at that school.

School on the train platform

Every time I go to work by train, I see a young teacher, Andedje Kuwana, at a train station begging young people without studying. So, if the mountain does not move to you, you have to go to the mountain, so the children do not go to school here, so we arranged for the children to go to school. So I decided to teach at the station where the children were. When he started, there was only one school, and now more than 4,000 students have a good education. These schools are targeted at street children and poor children and provide them with food and medicine. The students are also very enthusiastic about learning.

Underground school

The Abo School is one of the first secret schools to be built in the United States. So why are you doing this in secret? During the Cold War, President John F. Kennedy built a secret school to withstand bombings. The school is completely underground and the entrances are protected by 1760-pound steel doors. As safe as it is, it is resistant to atomic bombs. Unfortunately, the school was closed in 1995 due to high maintenance costs.

Modern running school

This is a no-holds-barred school. Because all students have access to computers and teachers use computer screens instead of blackboardsYou will be taught. The good news is that graduates are more exposed to the latest technology and have more job opportunities after graduation.