Huawei builds smart roads for driverless cars

Huawei builds smart roads for driverless cars

Huawei is building smart roads in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China, which will provide telecommunications equipment and intelligent solutions. Driverless automation is a technology that will become more and more popular in the future, and leading technology companies around the world are competing for driverless car technology. Huawei is moving toward Smart Roads technology, which integrates with driverless cars.

The company is working to start paving smart roads in Wuxi, China, according to Gizmochina. Huawei is testing a four-kilometer smart route. Based on the information around the car traveling on this smart road, driverless buses can move back and forth. Acceleration / deceleration mode; Roadblocks We are experimenting with pausing and all other actions.

Sensors that can be connected to driverless cars at all road and traffic lights; Includes camera and radar. The experiment is being conducted by Huawei Technologies and its partners. It is also one of China’s first national high-end smart car projects.

Automated technology is an undeniable trend. But driverless cars alone do not work. The only answer is to get more information from the streets. Jiang Wangcheng, chairman of Huawei’s Information and Communication Technology Group, said:

The self-driving bus currently being tested is called the X-Bus, and it is connected to a transit network. The control network provides a two-way connection to every smart road activity, so the bus can send a series of information to the network and make any necessary requests.

The buses are self-driving, but a driver is being tested to ensure the driver’s safety. Instead of producing driverless cars like other tech giants, Huawei will focus on providing driverless car components and intelligent solutions.